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Ağaoğlu Elastic Bandage

Ağaoğlu Elastic Bandage
Ağaoğlu Elastic Bandage

Product Description

When applied on the damaged neck it provides a flexible support with its elastic yarns. It is such a bandage that can extend with own fibers and when the strength taken off it can return its ancient length. Can be used in different injuries like broken legs, arms, also sprains, heirs, soft tissue damages, sportive traumas, muscular problems etc.


Technical Properties
Content %70 Cotton yarn, %20(150 Denye) Polyester and %10 44/50 String lastic.
Shelf Lifetime 5 years
Color Brown and flesh color
Extension Property Min % 120
Lenght Can be cut according to the required length
Hooks Has 2 hooks
Side Options Both side can be overlocked
Standart It is proper toTSE 5098